Secure and Trustworthy Online Testing With LockDown Browser for Linux

Secure and Trustworthy Online Testing With LockDown Browser for Linux

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The digital era has transformed numerous aspects of our daily life, including education. In this context, LockDown Browser on Linux has emerged as a robust solution for academic enterprises, playing an integral role in maintaining the integrity of various online assessment processes.

Compatibility With Linux Distributions

Initially, LockDown Browser was only compatible with Windows and Mac, but developers made sure to expand its compatibility to meet the requirements of the diverse community of Linux users. Linux distribution users, more specifically, Ubuntu users, can seamlessly run LockDown Browser for Ubuntu, contributing to bringing the application closer to a wider audience.

Functionality of LockDown Browser for Linux

  • The application provides a custom browser that restricts users from navigating from the examination page, blocking functions like copy-paste, print screen, among others.
  • Compatibility with a myriad of Learning Management Systems includes Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and more.

How to Access LockDown Browser

You might wonder how one can get this unique application for their Linux distribution. The process of acquiring LockDown Browser download for Linux is straightforward and user-friendly, just like the software itself. Usually, the download link for the application is provided by the institution or examination body. This way, it guarantees that you receive the correct configuration tailored for your assessment.

LockDown Browser Installation on Linux

  • After downloading the installation package, users need to grant this package execution rights.
  • Users can then run this package, which will guide them through a series of steps to install the browser on their system efficiently.

Running the LockDown Browser successfully on a Linux distribution like Ubuntu not only accentuates the flexibility and robustness of the application but also signifies the adaptability of Linux to fulfill diverse user requirements.