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With the goal of ensuring online exam integrity, it’s important to make the necessary adjustments when running LockDown Browser on Windows 7 or Windows 8. The application offers a host of features, such as the ability to lock down the testing environment, which ensures students cannot navigate away from the testing screen to look up answers. Moreover, it disables copying, pasting, and the accessing of other applications during a test.

Installing and Launching the Application

In order to successfully install and launch the LockDown Browser on Windows 8, you must ensure your system meets certain requirements (listed below). Assuming these are met, you may install the software by running the executable file and following the prompts. Once installed, the application can be launched from your desktop or programs list.

For using LockDown Browser for Windows 7, the installation process is the same. After installation, you may launch the application by double-clicking its icon.

System Requirements

Operating System Processor Memory Internet Connection
Windows 7, Windows 8 1 GHz or faster processor 1 GB RAM or more Stable, high-speed internet connection

Downloading the LockDown Browser

With respect to obtaining the Windows 7 LockDown Browser, you must remember to download it from trusted sources only. Our website is a reliable source and you can download the application here. Stay away from unauthorized third-party platforms, as they can induce potential security issues.

The process of making a LockDown Browser download for Windows 7 is straightforward and simple. Always remember to verify your system requirements before initiating the process to avoid any potential installation issues.

Install ‎LockDown Browser App for Free